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Summer Pea and Cherry Pear Tomato Salad Recipe

I made this wonderful salad over the weekend, and had to rush to post it here. Even my husband, who never gets excited about peas, liked this. Would he eat it every day? Nope. Would I? Heck yeah. Try it– it tastes just like summer is supposed to taste. Pear and Cherry Pear Tomato Salad [...]

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French Tomato Tart Provencal Recipe

It’s summer, and it’s the perfect season for tomatoes.  Instead of dull red, tasteless little rocks, summer tomatoes are rich and ripe and sweet.  When you eat good, vine-ripened tomatoes, you actually get why tomatoes are considered a fruit instead of a vegetable– they’re so sweet that they have nothing in common with the lowly [...]

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Perfect Classic Mojito Recipe

There are approximately three bazillion ways to make a mojito. Some people add a splash of bitters, some use a lime drink mix, and some use simple syrup in place of the sugar. But while ANY mojito is, in my book, a good mojito, there’s really only one way to make a classic mojito. And [...]

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Thai Red Curry with Shrimp and Spinach Recipe

I just love this super easy curry recipe. It takes no time at all and tastes just wonderful. The coconut milk cools the heat of the curry paste, and gives the curry the rich sweetness that you’re looking for with a Thai Curry. I’m wondering how this will be with a green curry paste… Red [...]

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