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Refreshing Cucumber Water Recipe with Citrus and Mint

When it’s hot out, you might crave a cold beer or a tall, icy glass of Coke. But rather than quench your thirst, these sorts of drinks are just going to make you even more parched. The very best thing for keeping cool and refreshed on a hot day? This wonderful cucumber water. If you’ve [...]

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How to Make a Vodka Watermelon

Since I’ve been writing a lot about watermelon the last week or so, I thought I’d finish off my “watermelon series” (so to speak) by talking about one of my favorite watermelon “recipes” in the universe: the vodka-infused watermelon. If you’re having a picnic or bbq this summer (and there will be mostly adults present, [...]

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Perfect Summer Recipe: Tart-Sweet Watermelon Lemonade

Everybody has their own opinion about what makes a perfect glass of lemonade. Some think it’s got to have a light lemon flavor and lots of sweetness. Others –like me– prefer a big punch of lemon barely mellowed out by a hint of sugar. And to me, this recipe is perfect. The recipe below makes [...]

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Perfect Classic Mojito Recipe

There are approximately three bazillion ways to make a mojito. Some people add a splash of bitters, some use a lime drink mix, and some use simple syrup in place of the sugar. But while ANY mojito is, in my book, a good mojito, there’s really only one way to make a classic mojito. And [...]

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